This isn't a normal platformer. In this world, you command the strings that stretch throughout the Universe. They are invisible to the naked eye, but with something a little bit special, you can see it. You can edit these wires, causing the level to change when you die on a spike, or when a block pushes a button. Yes, you heard it right. For this game, death is not the end, but just a part of life. Use your powers to beat seemingly impossible puzzles at a first glance, and then beat the indestructible Ice Cream Kid. Welcome to...

UPDATE: EyeSore has won the Best In Show award for middle school games at the Oregon Game Project Challenge for 2023!

Download EyeSore For Your OS:

Download Instructions:

The download links above will take you to the files on Google Drive, where you can download them.

Windows: Download .exe file from Google Drive and double click to run on your computer.

Linux: Download the Linux file from Google Drive and go to your terminal. CD to the directory you downloaded it from, and type "chmod +x [NameOfFile]" (The file will likely end in .x86_64, you will only need to do this command once). Next type ./[NameOfFile] to run.

Mac: Currently does not work, although if you are really determined, you can download the source and run it with Godot 3.5.2.

Note: A .pck will be downloaded along with all of these. When running make sure this file is in the same folder.

Watch the trailer and making of videos

GitLab repo

About Us

Based in Portland, OR, Epimetheus Games is a small game not-yet-company that consists of a few middle schoolers and one soon-to-be high schooler. It started out as a team for the Oregon Game Project Challenge, and is now...

...still a team for the Oregon Game Project Challenge! We have currently made 1 game, EyeSore, and are possibly working on another over the summer.

Epimetheus Games is currently gearing up for Season 17 of the Oregon Game Project Challenge, and is currently awaiting the announcement of the theme for Season 17. We are looking for new members to join our team, specifically programmers and artists, so if you go to our school and want to join our team, let us know.

MAYBE UPDATE: There might be a large redesign of this website coming up. https://home.epimetheusgames. repl.co will host this version of the site, but the new site will be hosted on http://epimetheus.games. (At least, this is our plan for now, and it's subject to change. We also might never redo our website.)

UPDATE ON THE MAYBE UPDATE: We seem to have decided to not redo our website, so expect there to be only minor (ish) changes to the website. (This sort-of-desicion is subject to change. We might decide to completely redo our website. Or maybe add those bubbles back...)

In the meantime, check out our blog, which we will be trying to keep updated in the following seasons!

UPDATE: Do you see that navbar thing at the top? That's an experiment that we're trying out to make navigating the Epimetheus Games website much easier. This is why you won't find the navbar on any other pages. However, there are still some issues, so please give feedback!


Elouan G

Elouan G. - UI & Level Designer

Ranier S

Ranier S. - Art Director

Alejandro B.

Alejandro B - Music & SFX Director

Carson B

Carson B - Game Design & Programmer

Noah J-G

Noah J-G - Game Design & Programmer